How to Manifest What You Want

How to Manifest What You Want If you think wealth and success
depend on your education and your experience, think again.
The secret to abundance
is easier than you know.
It’s certainly true that in our grandparents’ generation,
if you had an education, you were far more likely
to make success, to make money,
but it isn’t true anymore.
Some of the most successful people we look at
and admiration and envy did not come from wealth.
They didn’t have a university education,
look at Tony Robbins,
an incredibly wealthy, successful idolized coach
who came from nothing.

How to Manifest What You Want

Look at Oprah Winfrey, Alan Sugar, Chris Evans,
so many people we look at did not go to university,
I didn’t come from money How to Manifest What You Want.
And today, we have the advantage
that if you can have an idea and monetize it,
you can make it has never gone to university.
So, the secret to abundance is not university education.

  • I know many people who came out of university
    and can’t get employed.
  • It’s not even coming from wealth,
    after all, all Paul Getty’s children came from wealth,
    but that didn’t help them.
    It’s true to say it handicapped them.
  • What helps you to acquire wealth
    is to have a wealth mindset.
    How do you have a wealth mindset?
    Well, think of something you want to monetize, and you have to believe in yourself.

You see, if you think of James Dyson,
he looked at a vacuum cleaner, and he made it better than it was.
There are people like the woman who founded Spanx
who took shapewear and made it better than it already was.
So, first of all, you have to have an idea,
what is it in you?
What could you monetize, create, make, invent,
or improve?
You have an idea. That’s the starting of it. Now you must have phenomenal confidence,
incredible self-belief that you will make it.
And then you have to have a work ethic. You have to put time and effort into your idea.
So, for example, I always wanted to be a therapist,

I wanted to be the best therapist.
And then I wanted to change the world of therapy
to revolutionize it, to make it better be
like Dyson revolutionized the hairdryer,

  1. I wanted to revolutionize therapy.
  2. That was an idea; I had an idea,
  3. I had a belief that I could do it.
  4. I came across roadblocks, of course,
    and then I kept going,
  5. I did what I didn’t want to do,
  6. I thought outside the box,

I put a lot of work and effort and innovation
into being something I knew I could be,and I did it.
And anyone can take that formula,
have an idea, apply to that idea,
tremendous self-belief, phenomenal self-confidence,
think outside the box, don’t take no for an answer,
find people that can help you
that’s very important.

Who can help you?

Who can mentor you?
Who can you a role model yourself on, and how much work are you prepared to do?
Do you think Oprah Winfrey said,
“I’ll have a show, wow I’ve got a show.”
There’s a lot of work that goes into having a show.
Tony Robbins, a huge amount of work
goes into taking that show on the road,
but you can do it.
An idea is an idea,
but when you commit that idea down into chunks,

  • when you get other people on board,
  • when you write it out as a plan,
  • when you put up a vision board and say
  • “I am successful, I am doing this,”
    then you can do it.
  • And so often you can look at a product and think,
  • “I could make this better, I could reinvent it,”
    that is what happens all the time in publishing,
    because here’s another thing,

once upon a time, you wrote a book,
you took it to a publisher. They went, “Oh no, thank you,”
and you were finished.
Now, you can self-publish
and self-publishing is now very respected.

How to Manifest Your Dream Job

How to Manifest Something

So now you can have an idea to write a book or manual,
you can take it to Amazon,
you can go to CreateSpace, How to Manifest What You Want
you can self-publish.
You can get people to fundraise your business,
there are so many things that you can do.
So please don’t think,
“oh, my education holds me back,”
that may be a great advantage.
Please don’t think, “I haven’t got experience,”
that can be a good thing.
But let’s look at the blocks that get in your way.
What is getting in your way are your thoughts. There is no glass ceiling
that is entirely in your imagination.

  1. The glass ceiling is here, and you can smash through that,
    shatter that if you want to.
    But you have to believe in yourself.
  2. If you are going to work for yourself
    and have your startup like Airbnb,
    what a great idea,
    guys that were sleeping on people’s sofas created Airbnb.
  3. No university education was required. No experience was required.
    And yet, they built a fantastic business.

They had a thought. They put into action,
put a lot of work into it.
Same thing with Uber,
revolutionizing taxi cabs.

It was an idea and behind the idea
was hard work, great persistence,
but most of all, the idea that

  • “Wow, I could revolutionize
  • “Something as simple as a cab ride.”
    So let’s have a look at you,
    what are your beliefs?
    Here are the common ones,
  • “It’s too difficult,
  • “it’s too hard, How to Manifest What You Want
  • “it takes too much effort,
  • “nobody will like it,
  • “I don’t have experience,
  • “I didn’t go to college,
  • “I haven’t got money behind me.”

You see if you pick some amazing people out
they’re doing well,
they had all of those reasons to fail,
but they said, “It doesn’t matter.
“I don’t have money behind me. I’ll crowdfund,
“I’ll get a loan; I’ll mortgage my house,
“I’ll do something.
“I don’t have a university education,”
it doesn’t matter. That means you think outside the box.
“I don’t have experience,”
you can get experience.

So please don’t allow beliefs to hold you back.
Beliefs hold you back,
the habit of thinking, How to Manifest What You Want

  • “I’m not good enough; I’m not worthy,
  • “I’m not experienced enough. I’m not old enough.”
  • When I was a therapist, people said,
  • “But you’re too young to be a therapist,
  • “you’re too young to know all this stuff.”
  • I’ve heard people who say, “But aren’t I too old?
  • “I’m retired, and surely I’m too old.”

You see, all of these beliefs
are only real if you believe them.
Age is not a barrier; the background is not a barrier,
even knowledge is not a barrier.

Many people say, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Richard Branson called his first company Virgin
because he was selling audio cassettes,
he would record them,
send them back and get a refund.
And he was so naive,
he called his company Virgin
because he was a virgin in business.
But he learned as he went along,
he didn’t have experience
but he had one thing that we can all have,
phenomenal, self-belief, determination
commitment, raw enthusiasm,
take all of those things and add to the belief,
have a mantra,
“I can do this, I can make it.”

Technique How to Manifest What You Want

Write out every limiting belief you have right now,
take a pen, take some paper,
write out, “I didn’t go to college.”
And then underneath write out,

  1. “Hey, all the people I admire in the business
  2. “world, didn’t go to college.
  3. “I haven’t got money behind me,
  4. “that won’t stop me.”
  5. “I haven’t got the experience,” write out,
  6. “Many people I admired had no experience yet.
  7. “Here they are doing phenomenal, amazing, incredible things,
  8. “making money, making business, making success,
  9. “acquiring wealth, training other people.”

If you look at Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay,
some of the most amazing chefs
who started restaurants had a little experience
but they had a passion for food and enthusiasm.
So passion, enthusiasm, drive, commitment,
and the ability to work hard, How to Manifest What You Want
if you combine those with the extraordinary self-belief,
which you can pour into yourself,
wire into yourself and fire into yourself
you can make it.
Make your negative beliefs unfamiliar,
shatter them, change them, get rid of them,
put in that place better beliefs
and you can be incredibly successful.

I promise you it’s true, How to Manifest What You Want
I’ve seen it everywhere.
You have beliefs about wealth that are wired into you.
You may have negative beliefs.
You may have wired yourself not to succeed
and that’s okay because beliefs can be changed,
your beliefs are yours to change.
Your thoughts are yours to change.

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