How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person

Manifest Love With a Specific Person and how you can do it!
Keep in mind that although we will talk about manifesting a specific person, these techniques
can also be used to manifest anything else you want. How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person.
It may be a specific person, or an ex, or someone new, or even something that has nothing
to do with romantic relationships, like a new job, for example.
Alright, so first of all, I want to address the question I get asked the most from people:
Can I manifest a specific person?
The answer to that is yes! Absolutely!
You can manifest ANYTHING you desire!
We are manifesting all the time.
Even if someone doesn’t believe that their thoughts manifest their reality, they still
do How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person.
Manifesting is natural, and we do it all the time.

How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person

Now the reason many people believe that you cannot manifest a specific person or that
it is unethical to manifest a specific person is because they assume that manifesting a
a specific person would violate that person’s free will.
The people who believe that though either doesn’t understand or aren’t familiar with
the concept of Everyone is you pushed out.
This is one of the essential teachings from Neville Goddard, and it’s also part
of the Reality Transurfing method, which together with Neville’s instructions, I consider
one of the absolute best and most effective ways to manifest ANYTHING you desire.
If you have never heard the phrase “everyone is you pushed out” or “the world is your
mirror”, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person I’ve made a video explaining the concept in detail.
I’ll link that down below and also up to the right, so if you haven’t watched that,
then head to that video, but let me explain what everyone is you pushed out means real
quick so that you can follow the rest of this video without any gaps in understanding.
We have grown up believing that there is us, and then there is the external world.
And we are taught that we cannot control the outer world. We can only react to it.
In reality, though, this is not the case.

From Neville Goddard, from the Reality Transurfing method, and many ancient philosophies
we learn that in reality, the external world is not as reliable as we have been taught to
believe. The world is like an illusion.How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person
And this illusion acts like the images in a mirror, reflecting who WE are.
Imagine an actual mirror.
If you stand in front of it, the mirror can only show you as you currently are.
For example, if you are wearing red lipstick, the mirror can only show you wearing red lipstick.
It won’t spontaneously show you as wearing pink lipstick or wearing no lipstick.
The mirror can only reflect who you are right now.
In a very similar way, the external world acts as a mirror, reflecting us
who we are.

Essentially How To Manifest Love With a Specific Person Simply

The thoughts we are thinking and the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world.
Our hopes, fears, and insecurities take form in the external world, just like
reflections in the mirror.
The only reason this concept sounds so strange is that we grew up believing that the external
the world is real and substantial, and we don’t play much of a part in what it looks like and how
it behaves.
So if the external world is a mirror of us, then this means that other people are also
part of this mirror reflection.
So essentially, people behave the way we expect them to.
The problem is that if we don’t realize that the world is a mirror and that any behavior
someone else exhibits may be positive, or it may be harmful if we hold specific negative
If, for example, you believe that you aren’t essential and people never notice you, then
the external world will reflect that, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person and you will keep running into situations where people
are ignoring you and treating you as someone who isn’t essential.
Or if you want to be with a specific person but you believe you have zero chance of them
falling in love with you, then the mirror will reflect that.
The reason you can manifest a specific person without violating anyone’s free will is
first of all, because we are ALWAYS manifesting.
There is no such thing as letting the universe or anything else outside of you decide what
happens in your life.
Decide whether someone is meant to be with you or not.
There is no meant to be.
You are always manifesting.
What happens when you decide to let the universe or fate or choose is that you decide that you don’t want to determine what will happen consciously.
But guess what?
You are always manifesting!
Your thoughts, your beliefs, and your expectations continue to shape the world.
So when you say, “I’ll let the universe decide if me and this person are going to
be together,” it’s still you that manifests what happens next.
The only difference is that you aren’t doing it consciously. You are doing it subconsciously.
So you think it’s not you, it’s an outside force that makes the decision, but it’s
still you!

  • So it’s not a matter of having the right to manifest a specific person or not.
    YOU are always the one choosing what happens.
  • It’s only a question of do you want to choose consciously, or do you want your subconscious
    Does programming choose for you?
  • The other reason you can manifest a specific person without violating anyone’s free will
    is because we won’t be focusing on changing them.
  • We don’t need to force them to chance. How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person
    You can’t FORCE anyone to love you.
  • What you can do, though, is change the part of you that is manifesting them the way they
    are now.

If right now they aren’t interested in you, this means that a part of you is creating
them as not interested in you.
If you change that part of yourself, then the world will reflect that change to
you, and your specific person will start behaving differently and treating you differently.
See, we may be talking about “manifesting,” but the truth is that every possible scenario,
every possible thing that can happen exists right now.
There are infinite parallel realities, and when we talk about manifesting something what
happens is that we use our thoughts to choose, from the endless possibilities
that already exists right NOW, the one we want to experience.
Whatever reality you want to experience, it already exists.You don’t have to create it.

You Just Have to Choose It How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person

So if you’ve been thinking of your goal as something big, that will take a ton of
energy and focus to create, then stop.
You don’t have to create it from scratch.
It’s already created.
All you need to do is choose it.
Choose to move yourself to the version of reality where this thing you desire is yours.
And everything we will talk about, all the methods to manifest it, they are actually
techniques that you can use to choose it.
So it’s easier than you may have thought because it isn’t at all about creating something
from scratch, bit by bit.
Alright, so the first thing you need to realize to manifest a specific person is
that it is possible.
Because of the mirror principle, because every person you meet is pushed out because
we get to choose the reality we want to experience, ANYTHING you want to manifest is possible.

How to Manifest Something

How to Manifest a Job

So if you’ve been stressed out or worried and wondering whether your desire is even
possible to manifest or not, take a deep breath of relief because it IS possible, ok?

  1. Let go of the fear and the worry, BELIEVE that it’s possible, and this by itself will
    make it easier, and it will bring your manifestation closer to you.
  2. Alright, so the second thing is that you need to get clear on what you want.
    You may wish to a specific person and only them, and if that’s the case, you will focus
    on that.
  3. But if you aren’t 100% sure that this person is the only one you’d be happy with, if
    you’re open to the possibility of someone new too. Then you can cast a wider net, so to
    speak, instead of focusing on that one specific person only.
  4. You get to decide what is the case.
  5. The actual technique to manifest a specific person is no different than the technique
    you’d use to manifest anything else.
  6. What you need to do is construct a very vivid scene in your mind that implies that what
  7. Your desire has already manifested.

If, for example, what you desire is to marry your specific person, maybe the scene is of
you in their arms, and you can see the wedding rings on your finger and theirs.
Another stage you can construct, instead of or in addition to that one, is a congratulatory

For example, this can be a scene where you are at a restaurant with your specific person
and someone you haven’t seen in years arrives, maybe an old classmate or friend you haven’t
been in touch with for years.
So they spot you there and come up to you, and you start talking, and you introduce your
specific person to them as your new husband or wife and that old friend congratulates

You get to decide what kind of scene you construct.
There are three essential parts for your scene to work:
First of all, it needs to be a scene that implies that what you want has already happened.
Not a stage where it is happening IN the scene, but a set that for it to happen, it pre-supposes
that your desire has happened.
For example, the scene I just described at the restaurant with the old classmate pre-supposes
that you and your specific person are now married because otherwise, you couldn’t
introduce them to your friend as your husband or wife.
The second thing that you need for your scene to work is for it to be as vivid as possible
and to evoke powerful positive emotions in you.
When you play your scene in your mind, it must leave you in a state where you truly
believe that your desire has already come to pass, so that if you ever catch yourself
doubting that you can manifest your passion, you can immediately play your scene in your
mind and say to yourself, “of course it’s possible!
It’s already manifested in my reality!”

If you construct a scene that feels blunt and meh to you, then it’s unlikely it will
accomplish the goal of making you feel as if your desire has manifested.
And the third and vital thing your scene needs is to be from a first-person perspective.
This means that your scene shouldn’t be like you sitting in the cinema watching a
movie of yourself doing stuff.
It needs to be from your perspective.
As if you are the actor right now playing out the scene in real-time.
So it shouldn’t be a scene where you are looking at your body; it should be a scene
where you are in your body, looking out of your own eyes as if this is indeed happening
to you as we speak.
So once you have your scene, then sit somewhere quietly or lie down in bed and put yourself
in a calm, meditative state.

  • Then play your scene over and over in your mind while feeling all the positive, joyful
    emotions of your desire have already manifested.
  • Do this every night before falling asleep, and ideally, you’ll want to do it a couple
    more times in the day.
  • Maybe right after waking up and during your lunch break, or at any other time that’s
    convenient to you.
  • Just take 10 or 15 minutes three times a day to relax and focus on your scene.
  • You can also construct other smaller scenes that also imply that your desire
    has manifested.

For example, when you go to bed at night, in your mind’s eye, see yourself lying down
next to your specific person in the house, you both live in together instead of lying
down in your bed by yourself How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person.
Or if you are the kind of person who likes to cook for your person, then every time you
cook something, imagine that you’re cooking a meal for both of you to enjoy.
You can add small things like that to your day, and they will add up and intensify the
feeling that your desire has already manifested.
This also helps to shift you from wanting something -which blocks it from manifesting
in your life- to feeling like you already have it -which is the state you need
to be in for it to display.
Now, this is the primary method, and if you follow these steps and persist, then your desire
cannot help but manifest.
But I want to talk a little bit about some things that I’ve seen people do that actually
negate their efforts to manifest their specific person.
One thing I see a lot is, people will have a significant result they want.
Say, for example, that your goal is to marry your specific person, but you have never been
a couple, or maybe it’s your ex you want to manifest as your spouse.
What many people do is they will construct a scene that implies they are married, and
a few days later, their specific person will message them out of nowhere, perhaps share
a joke with them or a link to a funny video.
And what they will do at this point is they’ll immediately start thinking, “oh, it’s not
Why isn’t it working?”.

Now you have to understand that things manifest through a bridge of incidents.
If what you want to manifest is a coworker you just met yesterday for the first time
proposing to you, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person you must understand that them suggesting tomorrow isn’t natural.
I mean, come on!
Do you even want someone who’s a stranger to propose to you?
I know that even if I were in love with someone for months if we had only talked once or
twice and they came up to me and proposed, I’d freak out and run in the opposite direction.
Something like that happening isn’t just weird and unlikely. It also isn’t as lively
as it may look.

  1. I mean, would you honestly want to share your life or start a family with someone who is
    impulsive enough to propose to a person they barely know?
  2. What does that say about them?
    And would you honestly just say yes without actually knowing them?
  3. If you don’t know them, then how do you even know you’re a good match and that you will
    be happy together?
  4. What is most likely to happen is that you will start the manifestation process, and then
    your specific person will message you or talk to you, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person not to share their undying love for How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person
    you or anything like that, but to ask you a question or to share a joke with you.
    Because that’s what people do.
  5. If you like someone, you don’t just message them to say you are in love with them.
  6. You send them a meme or a joke or ask them a question so that you can start talking.
    Then you eventually -it might be that same day or another day- you ask them out, or you
    hope they will ask you out on a date.
  7. That’s the natural progression of human relationships.

So if your specific person is someone you’ve only recently met, or if it is an ex and you
haven’t spoken in months, then them messaging you out of nowhere, even if it is to ask a
question about something or share a joke or an article online with you is a GOOD thing!
It means your manifestation has been set into motion, and now it has to happen unless you
freak out and start telling yourself that it’s not working and stop it in its tracks
for no reason.

So before you start despairing and ruining the process, stop and consider whether the
new development – the text, the conversation, whatever it is- is a movement in the right direction.
If your ex hasn’t talked to you in 6 months and you broke it off with a big fight, then
them messaging you or calling you is a movement in the right direction!

  1. If the new coworker you are trying to manifest messages with a work-related question, it’s
    also movement in the right direction.
  2. They could have messaged someone else, but they chose to message you.
    It’s a good thing!
  3. Allow yourself to be happy about it, even if it feels like a small win.
  4. Which brings me to my next point: As we’ve already talked about, the world is your mirror.
  5. Things and events by themselves have zero meaning.
  6. They just are.
  7. You get to decide the meaning you assign to them.
  8. You get to choose if something has a positive or a negative meaning.
    And your decision will influence the kinds of events that will follow.

So even if something looks neutral or wrong, in How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person you can CHOOSE to treat it as a positive thing,
and this will ensure that positive things will follow it.
If we want to be 100% honest, we often don’t even know what is positive or negative until
a situation has entirely played out.
An event can appear purely negative at first, and then if we look back a month later we
realize that that seemingly adverse event was what was needed for a whole series of
events to happen that led us straight to what we wanted in the first place.
We cannot see into the future, but what we can do is assume that every event that happens
that’s related to our goal is positive even if we can’t see how yet.
And the world will reflect that back to you by ensuring that things develop in a positive

You also need to keep in mind that things can instantly change, while in our imagination,
the physical world takes a bit longer to shift, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person and that’s a good thing.
Imagine if every thought you had manifested instantly!
So, for example, I’m afraid of spiders.
Imagine if every time I thought of spiders or someone mentioned spiders, spiders started
walking on the wall!
Or if every time I thought about a car accident, a car accident happened!
That wouldn’t be good, right?
So if you started the process of manifesting your specific person today and nothing changes
today or this week, this doesn’t mean it’s not working.
You need to give it some time and trust that -even if you can’t see it yet- things are
moving in your desired direction.
And if you keep thinking that it’s not working, then this means you are living not from the

So focus more on playing your scene in your mind, and if this isn’t helping, then maybe
you haven’t made the scene vivid enough, so it isn’t evoking the strong positive
emotions for you that are needed for your manifestation to happen.
Because if you constructed your scene or scenes right,
you could instantly go to your stage in your mind every time you start worrying, where you already have your desire.
And if you have your passion, then that means you cannot be stressed over whether it’s
going to manifest or not, right?
Cause you already have it.
Here’s another way to use the mirror principle to manifest your specific person:
We already talked about how things have no meaning by themselves, only the purpose you
give it to them.
So what you’ll need to do is make a list of things and the meanings you are used to
assigning to things related to your love life or your specific person.
See, there are tons of things we are used to assigning a negative meaning to by default,
especially when it comes to relationships.
For example: “If he doesn’t bring me flowers that means he doesn’t love me.”
Or “If I call and she doesn’t answer the phone then that means she doesn’t want to
see me again.”
Or “if they don’t say they love me then that means they don’t love me.”

The thing is, these are all meanings YOU have assigned to those things.
That doesn’t make them real by themselves.
But if you persist in assigning such meanings to things, then they will eventually become
And there’s a good chance that many of those meanings you have chosen are just creating
a problem where there wasn’t one.
Maybe your specific person isn’t the type who would think to bring you flowers.
Or perhaps they were in the bathroom when you called, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person and that’s why they didn’t pick
up the phone, not because they didn’t want to see you again.
Maybe your specific person hasn’t said “I love you,” but if you look at their
actions, it is clear that they do love you.
I mean, many people express themselves with words, but there are also many
people who aren’t good at talking about their emotions, but they show how they feel
through their actions.
Just because someone doesn’t say that they love you, it doesn’t mean they don’t.
Saying it doesn’t make it instantly real.
There are plenty of people who say “I love you,” but their actions tell a completely
different story.
And I bet you’d prefer the kind relationship where your specific person loves
you to the kind of relationship where they say they love you but don’t mean
it, right?
And if you want to manifest a specific thing like them saying I love you or bringing
your flowers or whatever it is, you can also do that.
But first, take a good look at the different default meanings you assign to things they
say and do and ask yourself:
“Is the meaning I attach to this helping me manifest a happy, fulfilling relationship
with this person or not?”.
And if the answer is no, then come up with a different meaning.
And then every time that thing or event comes up, and you begin to assign the old meaning
to it become aware of what is happening and stop yourself, and then consciously CHOOSE
the new meaning.
“Oh, she isn’t picking up.
She must be in a meeting.
That’s alright. I know she’s going to call me back later”.

“I tried to start a conversation with that new coworker I like today, but he didn’t
say much.

  • He’s shy. Or maybe he’s attracted to me, and that’s why he felt nervous talking to me”.
  • If you keep giving positive meaning to anything you observe, then the mirror will have
    to start giving you more festive events because you are projecting outwards.
  • If something comes up that you cannot find a positive way to interpret it, then
    that’s ok too.
  • Just move it from negative to neutral.
  • Tell yourself, “this does not mean anything.
  • It doesn’t mean what I imagine it does”.

Remember, we cannot know if something will turn out to be positive or negative long-term,
or instead, How to Manifest Love With a Specific Person our interpretation is the deciding factor that will make an event positive or
So if you can’t find a way to see it as positive, then you can at least see it as empty
of meaning.
Not positive, not negative.
It just is.
Now go and manifest your specific person.

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