How to Manifest Love Into Your Life

This is one of my favorite law of attraction techniques because you feel better quick,
you raise your vibration, and you can attract and manifest your soulmate!
I’m going to share with you the five steps to manifest your soulmate using
scripting so that you can find your true love How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
Make sure to watch until the end because I will share a way to implement all of these
steps to manifest faster.

So what’re the five steps to manifesting your soulmate using scripting so that you can find
your true love.

Step 1.Prepare yourself.

Take some time to imagine and decide what scene you want to write about.
Such as do you want to script about how you met your soulmate, your first date, going
on vacations together or maybe even get married?
This will usually immediately pop into your mind on what to write about.
Trust what comes up.
And I prefer to write with pen and paper more than typing on the computer when scripting
because when you register, you’re completely connected to each letter you write out and
studies show that you are 42% more likely you’ll achieve your goals if you write them

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Step 2.Be as descriptive and precise as you can.

When you are scripting, you want to create a vision of yourself already with your soulmate.
Include things like what you are wearing, what you are feeling, who you have become, and what’s around you.
If you get a little stuck with what to write and describe, think about your five senses.
What are you touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling?
This is the perfect opportunity to put all those years of creative writing in English
class to fair use How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
Add all those juicy adjectives and have fun with it.
You can pretend that you’re a future version of yourself, writing down in your journal the
story of how you manifested your soulmate.
Now, if you want three tips on scripting to manifesting-love, you can check out this video here on
how I script to manifest love.

Step3.Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

You attract what you focus on.
So if you focus on what you don’t want, you will keep getting what you don’t want.
SO start to shift your focus to what you do want and get more of it.
For example, if you say and script things like “I don’t want to be sad anymore or I really
wish I wasn’t single,” you are focusing and giving thought to being single
and being sad and will attract more of it How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
When you focus on the lack of what you want, you are sending out a message to the universe
that you are not ready for it!
To start monitoring the words you say and script.
Shift the words to focus more on what you want.
So what would you script about?.
Let me know in the comments below.

Step 4.Write about your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you are scripting, you want to focus on the thoughts you are having, how you are feeling
in the scene and what actions you are doing How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
When you focus on your thoughts, you are focusing on your self-talk, and that is simply what
you are telling yourself.
If you are saying things like “whats wrong with me” then you’re going to find more
things that prove your thoughts correct.
Shift that to I thought to myself, “wow I am so blessed to be with my soulmate” Your
thoughts are the first sign of manifestation of who you are and your vibration, so when
you monitor it and change it to what you want. You can change your reality How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
Your feelings are the first physical manifestation of your vibration, so you want to focus on
how you feel, and you can attract more of it, and action is how you bring your desires into
Focus on aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions to what you want and what you
want will come.

Step 5. Read it out loud. Keep it with you!

When you finish scripting, there might be a smile on your face.
That’s because you are aligned with what you want, and that’s going to help you attract
it into your reality faster.
When you feel out of alignment, could you read it?
By reading it, will help you come back to alignment and refocus you on what you want.
Take it with you everywhere so that when you are outside, you can still read it wherever
you need to come back into alignment How to Manifest Love Into Your Life.
So an incredible way to implement all of these steps to manifest faster is to use the first
hours of your day this is powerful because you are setting your intentions for the day
and starting with aligning with your desires, which will attract what you want faster.
Add this to your morning routine. It only takes about 5-10 mins in the morning and sees
how the law of attraction unfolds throughout your day.
And Ready to take it to the next level?

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