How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person

I’m bringing you something new and different about manifesting
a text message. time to manifest a text message.
That worked a little too well. How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person
so manifesting a text message from a specific person.
What is impressive to me is how many of you have reached out to me and told me your story.
Thank you so much for that. I love connecting with you, and if you want to communicate
with me, please do so.But what I’ve learned from talking to so many of you is one key thing.
Okay, so here’s how it goes.
Every single time without fail, I get a message, and it says, “Naza, I’m trying to manifest
a text message.
And I’m feeling blocked, and feeling stuck, I’m not getting the message back, and I don’t
know why,”.
And my very next question is always, “Why do you want to manifest the text message from
that specific person?”

How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person

Every single time the answer comes back, and it says because I want to feel “blank.”
Here’s my tip for you for today about manifesting a text message.
Forget the text message and just work on manifesting the emotion and the feeling you’re going
after in the first place. How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person
This can help you in so many ways, help you get unblocked, help you get unstuck.
When you start to manifest and focus on the emotion.
Emotions are so, so incredibly powerful.
The law of attraction states that our thoughts create our reality, and we can improve
or enhance the power of our reviews by adding emotion into whatever we’re trying to manifest.
We’re even working on manifesting the feeling.
A lot of teaching describes this as increasing the signal strength, or the message behind
the thoughts that you’re having that you’re sending out to the universe.
Now on the neuro side of things, emotions are equally important in the brain and help
us live the life that we want in life for our dreams.
I want to tell you about this exciting research study that looked
at the effect of emotions and how it impacts the reality we’re experiencing.
So pain we feel is originated in the brain.
And this is why the same stimulus, meaning something happening on the outside of the
the body can feel different to different people.
If I prick you and prick another person, this person might feel a 10 out of 10 pain.
This person may only feel a 2 out of 10 problems. Why?
I picked them the same amount is because their brains are perceiving their realities

Here’s where emotion comes into play.

Amazing How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person

What these researchers did was they caused mild pain (don’t worry, it wasn’t too bad)
because of mild discomfort to participants.
They had two groups of people.
One group put their hand in freezing water and watched funny videos that made them feel
upbeat, and another group put their hand in freezing water and protected videos but
boring neutral videos that didn’t make them feel anything.
And they found the group that felt positive could stand the pain a lot longer than the other
group. How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person
So the emotions that we feel changed the way our brain works.
Now you might be wondering, okay, Naza, this is all fine and good, but how do I apply this
to manifest a text message?
This is what you’re going to do; you’re going to get super clear and super focused and specific
on the emotion, you want to feel by manifesting this text message.
Why, why do you care to manifest this message?
Why is it so important to you?

This is the key

  • What is the emotion you’re going after?
  • And that emotion is what you are going to focus on.
  • So you can go ahead and get out a piece of paper and write down, “I want to manifest
    a text message from [put the person’s name], because I want to feel.
  • We can also do this with the free downloadable and fillable PDF that I’ve created just for
    you, just for this exercise to make it super easy, and I’ve linked it in the description down

In this free PDF, I’m going to help you get super clear and focused on the emotion you’re
working on manifesting by going through this three-step process.
The first step is to look at a broad set of emotion words and then narrow this down to
Ten emotions are related to how you want to feel when you manifest this text message.
And then we’re going to narrow it down to three, and then we’re going to narrow it down
to one, one primary essential emotion, that is the most important to you, in terms of how you
I want to feel.
Okay so we’re going to jump into the screen recording now so I can show you how to do
this three-step process How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person
And if you want to use this exact PDF, you can download it from the link in
the description below.

You Can Write How to Manifest a Text From a Specific Person

Wherever you feel comfortable writing this down.
This guide can be applied to anything you’re trying to manifest.
We’re going to apply it to manifest a text message.
You want to start with a manifestation statement.
So in the manifestation statement.

I want to manifest. Where you’re going to be here is precisely what you want to display.
So, in this case, when you say I want to manifest a text from, and what you’re going to do is
you’re going to go up to the tools annotate the text.
You can also print this guide out and fill this out by hand if you prefer, pen and paper.
Okay, so I just put my husband’s name.
So let’s say I’m trying to manifest a text from him.
And the next question is how do you want to feel, so you’re going to use the steps in the
following pages to figure this part out, so we’ll leave this part blank for now.
Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to identify how we want to feel after we have
manifested this goal, meaning, why do we want to display this, why do we want this text
the message, how do we believe it will make us feel this is the key.
So we’re going to go through all of these different options, and you’re going to pick the top
Ten emotions that resonate with how you want to feel after school has manifested, so
after you’ve received your text message.
So you’re going to go to Tools annotate highlight and highlight your top 10 here.
And if you’ve printed this and you’re doing this on pen and paper, you’re going to circle
whatever you want, or highlight it, or start, whatever you like to do.
I put a little heart beside it.

How to Manifest a Relationship

How to Manifest a Specific Person

That’s actually what I did when I initially did this exercise myself.
I printed it and put little hearts beside everything.
Once you have your 10.
You’re going to go here, and you’re going to narrow that down to three of the emotions,
your top three would be to make things extra cute so that you can change the
font, and the size and stuff like that.
So now that you have your top three, you can narrow it down to the one feeling you
want to feel so really Take a moment, think about these sit on it, feel them in your body,
feel them in your heart, feel them in your mind and see which one resonates most with
So actually, you can copy and paste whichever one into the next section.
The last step is to go back here and fill out because I want to feel, and I left a little
bit of extra space in case you want to elaborate on that if you’re going to talk a bit more about
how you want to feel here or a bit more about what you’re trying to manifest it’s up to
you how long or short to make your statement.
There’s no right or wrong answer here.

Now moving forward, as you’re trying to manifest this text message, I want you to keep referring
back to this critical emotion that you’re working on feeling and working on manifesting and
another essential thing I want you to pay attention to Is it even possible for
you to feel this emotion you’re going after, in this particular scenario?
Are you trying to manifest a text message from somebody who will never, ever help you
or allow you to feel that emotion you’re trying to feel?

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